ICG members collaborate together for the benefit of their clients


Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire

Team of 8 ICG members got together over a 6-year period to deliver an engagement day designed to give insight into key policiing issues and test reactions to new plans for local policing. These were high profile events attended by senior policing and Government officials. 

Members involved: Andrew Smith, Sally Alsop; Mary Leslie; Andy Booth; Corky Gormly; Catherine Millican; Clare Mansfield; Martin Holliss; Jane Woolley; Janet Kiddle; Abi Almond; Peter Martin. 

Key successes: Repeat work, referral to other PCCs/policing areas, Hampshire Fire Service



Met Office 

ICG members Michael Mayers and Kevin Simmons have worked collaboratively for a number of projects. One such example was an investigation of the ppportunities for providing the services of the Met Office in partnership with the South African Weather Service to the South African Agriculture, Energy and Water Industries. Method employed was desk research plus in-depth interviews with leading experts in each of the three industries in South Africa. Complex markets were assessed using our analysis framework and comprehensive information sources were identified, assessed and used. Secondary information was then validated and deepened by conducting professional interviews.

Members involved: Michael Mayers and Kevin Simmons.

Key successes: The collaboration combined more than 50 years’ collective experience and specialist skills in desk research, professional interviewing and strategic analysis to deliver what has been described by the client as their ‘gold standard’ insight.  



Testing a new B2B registration website

Working for a major financial services organisation, 2 ICG-ers  undertook a series of in depth interviews with small financial services providers and advisors to explore their reactions to a new official website that they would need to use to ensure that they remain officially recognized.   As the site mainly took the form of an online questionnaire, they were able to provide both research- and evidence- based and heuristic advice on the design.  

Members involved: Liz Montgomery and Martin Holliss.

Key successes: The study revealed a number of critical design flaws, which the client went on to address before rolling the website out live.   



Akzo Nobel (Dulux)

A major logistical exercise saw Andrew Smith (Firebrand Insight) join with a recruitment and supervisor team of 4 led by Lynne Chapman, plus iPad and DP on site support from Jon Wilson, to pull off a two-day sophisticated central location test in the conference room of a Watford hotel. 45 painter-decorators tested over 160 paints on individual 1x2 meter boards during 4-hour sessions on site, evaluating different unlabelled trade emulsions, with data captured to iPads and sent to the client in real time. Significant tea and biscuit consumption.


Members involved: Andrew Smith, Lynne Chapman, Deanne Gold, Jon Wilson

Key successes: highly sensitive testing carried out 100% to specification. Accurate and fast results; repeat business now planned using the same methodology.