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We regularly receive unprompted feedback from our members about their membership experiences and they're usually extremely positive!

This wonderful group kicked in again with an opportunity was offered within 20 minutes. Done and dusted !!! What an amazing resource this is.

I am very new to ICG and have already been bowled over by the responsiveness and helpfulness of members. What an amazing community this is. (I should have joined years ago!)

I know of no other organisation where the generosity of members and the breadth of knowledge and contacts is as abundant as the ICG. We belong to a great group! Thanks to you all.

The E-forum has nailed it again - what a great (and ultra-rapid for a Tuesday evening...) response to this request!

Many thanks to those who responded to my request about running Conflict Groups - frankly, it was brilliant!

In just an hour, so many lovely personal stories, local specifics, different cultural/legal/historic/geographic insights! There really isn't a topic on which this wonderful think tank would not offer an incredible wealth of knowledge.

This is what I love about the ICG. Yesterday recruiting bakers in Banbury, today possible focus groups of foragers. Tommorow indepth interviews with inebriates

This network is absolutely unique and brilliant!

I am in awe! What great generosity and research skills - we are all so much better informed

What a brilliant response! I put my recruitment query up late this morning and I’ve had ten replies! What a great resource ICG is

Thanks to all who have so promptly replied to this request … the ICG network at its best!

Within 5 minutes of my request I have had several helpful responses. What a resource! Very grateful to all.

As a “newish” member to ICG, joining has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. The way members freely help, provide input and pass over contacts is truly fantastic!

The egroup at its finest, really made me look tremendous in front of my client and gave me real insight into patterns in numbers

With such a breadth of expertise in the ICG, I figured that someone may be able to help me with this request

Once again the ICG comes up trumps in just a few minutes

I am new to the ICG (can't believe it took me so long!!), I've been really impressed with the incredibly helpful nature of members

In ICG archives I found sound and accurate advice from 2014 which helped me deal with a query from an American client. Thank you

My membership was the best £100 I've spent this year

Just wanted to express my appreciation for all of the responses that came in on our e-group