How to password protect files in Google Drive

Tuesday 9th October 2018

Here's how Lynne Chapman creates a password protected document in Google Drive.  She says: "It looks tricky and the first time you do it it is a bit fiddly but you get better with practice!"

*Password protect in Google Drive*

This works with both files and folders.

  • In Google Drive, create file or folder or select an existing one.
  • Right click the file, get a shareable link.
  • In sharing settings, ensure that “Share with others, anyone with a link can view” is turned on.
  • Copy the link to clipboard
  • Now create a new form and name it
  • Make the untitled question below a short answer
  • Type: What is the password?
  • Make this a required question and select data validation
  • Make the answer format as Text
  • Where it says “Text contains” type in your chosen password
  • To the right of this in the error text box type something like “No, try again” or any wording you choose. It’s important to put some wording there
  • Scroll up to the top of the document and go to the form settings
  • Where it says Confirmation page, type “You will find your file here” and then paste in the link which you have saved to the clipboard
  • Save
  • Click on the eye icon at the top. Copy the resulting web address and share that with whomever you wish to have access

To check before you send it that it is all working correctly, preview your document in the same way by clicking on the eye. Try typing in the wrong password and it should say “No, try again” or whatever wording you chose to use when you set it up. Type in the correct password and you should get the link you pasted in.