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GDPR one month on…

Posted on 11 July 2018

The view from three of our members ... if you would like to contribute, please contact or add your comments below. Nanda Marchant - added insight ltd As someone...

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Brexit Briefing – June 2018

Posted on 26 June 2018

As the UK enters key stages of the Brexit negotiations with the European Union, recent poll data highlights the continuing deep divide over Europe with a significant minority of the...

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Grow your customer base

Posted on 25 June 2018

Businesses face so many challenges today, but one of the most pressing issues troubling CEOs is growth. Customer growth is a critical ingredient of an organisation’s success – how do...

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Social Media

Posted on 5 June 2018

The ICG's Helen Roberts has recently published a series of webinars and blogs on Customer Experience research which she has kindly agreed to share.  Seeking to promote the value of...

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Legitimate interest vs Consent

Posted on 27 April 2018

Legitimate Interests vs. Consent. Do you really know the difference?  The ICO has issued 'myth busters' to explain the difference, and Griffin House Consultancy has produced a blog which simply explains the...

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The Complete B2B Customer Persona Template

Posted on 26 April 2018

This is an industry report produced by Fuel Cycle (a continuous research platform provider). They say that market research budgets have stagnated at around 10% and are only predicted to...

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Research & Analytics tools directory

Posted on 24 April 2018

The Lean Insight Toolbox:  By Mike Stevens The ICG's Mike Stevens has developed 'Lean Insight Toolbox' - a useful a resource for anyone who works in research, insight, customer experience or...

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Brexit 1 year count down – consumer confidence

Posted on 19 April 2018

February 2018 Consumer Confidence Briefing The monthly UK Consumer Confidence Barometer (CCB) undertaken by GfK on behalf of the European Commission* is 1 point lower in February at -10. It...

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GDPR – Helping you get ready

Posted on 8 March 2018

The MRS has released a suite of materials for MRS members and company partners.  Held under the 'standards' area of the website, the materials include GDPR In Brief series which...

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Video Ethnography – Faux Real?

Posted on 7 March 2018

Hal Phillips from Bad Babysitter looks at the role that video ethnography has for research.  Rather than just 'reporting' on respondents' lives, we can now capture life where it happens...

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Sole trader or limited company…

Posted on 7 March 2018

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a sole trader vs. a limited company?  The way in which you choose to trade has implications for you tax, legal and...

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Writing a technical report

Posted on 19 February 2018

What should be included in a technical report?  Here we have an overview of the types of information, and some examples that you may wish to follow... Content Introduction, including...