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Developing business policies

Posted on 10 August 2021

Increasingly clients (and their procurement departments) require their suppliers to have a suite of business policies in place in order to commission work. A business policy is a set of...

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Interviewing vulnerable customers – the considerations

Posted on 28 June 2021

A member recently asked for advice when interviewing vulnerable customers - mainly older customers dealing with healthcare issues. What issues should be taken into consideration? How should the interviews be...

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Running online workshops effectively – some practical advice

Posted on 1 May 2021

Jill Elston has summarised the advice she was given by the ICG Hive when exploring how to run effective remote online workshops. A few weeks ago I asked the egroup...

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Infographic resources

Posted on 13 March 2021

A useful link to infographic template resources Presentation Go - a wide range of free templates and slides If you have any more suggestions or resources, please post them here...

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Coping with large volumes of open ended responses

Posted on 16 February 2021

Many thanks to Ella Fryer-Smith who has produced this summary of advice given to her about coping effectively with large volumes of open ended responses. Thanks to all who responded...

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Hiding observers from a Zoom group

Posted on 8 February 2021

Zoom's policy is that everyone attending a Zoom meeting must be aware that there are other people on it (so you cannot set up 'secret' observers in advance) - and...

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Automating Qual coding & analysis: Tools

Posted on 24 January 2021

A summary of responses to a recent egroup request by Geoff Fitzgerald - many thanks to Geoff for preparing this I think the initial premis of trying to find any...

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Projective techniques toolkit

Posted on 6 November 2020

Abbey Teunis recently asked the e-group for ideas on what projective techniques to use on a job for a client who requested 'creative and new thinking'. Many ICGers suggested a...

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Zoom presentations – how to keep your audience engaged

Posted on 17 September 2020

In the post Covid world, we are finding that we are increasingly conducting meetings and presentations online - but how do you keep your audience engaged when they are in...

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10 vs 11 point scales – the pros and cons

Posted on 17 September 2020

Is there a difference between how people respond to a 10 (1-10) or an 11 (0-11) point scale? Are differences seen just at the bottom end of the scale, or...

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Books to teach people about research

Posted on 29 July 2020

This is a summary of responses to a recent request on the egroup for good qual books - aimed at teaching clients and junior researchers (and 'reminding' the more experienced...

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Separating pages in a PDF

Posted on 18 July 2020

A recent email thread asked the group whether anyone knew of a tool that would help separate out pages in a PDF into individual (for easy uploading as stimulus). Suggestions...