How do I find the perfect Researcher?

How do I find the perfect Researcher?

The ICG is a community of independent research consultants and small businesses.  Between them, our membership has a wealth of experience, skills and knowledge to offer clients.  We developed this area of the website to showcase these talents, and help clients find that perfect match.

‚ÄčHow does the ICG's powerful Match tool work?

Aimed at clients who have a specific set of requirements, this tool allows you to input broad sectors and specialisms to generate a tailored list of consultants who match that criteria.  The output is weighted according to how strongly each consultant 'matches' your requirements - for example, those who have specfic/ unique expertise in your required area will appear at the top of the list and those who have some experience in the area but who are perhaps not as specialist will come further down.

So how do you use Match?

Firstly, select either the broad type of service you need or the area of specialism.  Once you have clicked on one area, the tool will automatically produce a list of potential research partners who offer that particular service and tell you how many consultants fit your requirements.

Then, refine your search by selecting 'further categories' and choosing additional criteria to meet your needs - these include region (both UK and international), languages spoken etc. The tool will search for consultants who have all of the required skills that you need, progressively refining the output to match your exact requirements - the more criteria you input, the more refined your results will be.  If you want to take off any critiera, simply click on 'remove selections'. 

However, we also know that you cannot get that certain 'je ne sais quoi' from a list of names - so we do suggest you then contact several individuals to discuss your needs and find someone who is the best 'fit'.

If you know the name/ company of the person you want, then simply enter this into the search engine, or you can browse our list of members by A-Z.

Offering value for money and solid research skills, the ICG membership has the breadth and depth of expertise to meet almost every research need, no matter how niche or specialist.