ICG Contacts

We're here to help you.

For help in finding the right consultant for your needs

contact Midge Clayton at connect@theicg.co.uk

If you're interested in becoming a member of the ICG

contact Matt Kirby at membership@theicg.co.uk

If you have a research brief that you want to send directly to ICG members

email it to webmaster@theicg.co.uk

For administration enquiries

contact the ICG Administrator Lucie Wernicke at admin@theicg.co.uk

For press and PR enquiries, or contributions to The Indie e-newsletter

contact Claire Labrum at indie@theicg.co.uk

For Advertising and Sponsorship enquiries

contact Lynne Chapman at sponsors@theicg.co.uk

For all other enquiries contact the ICG Chair

Teresa Hadfield, at chairman@theicg.co.uk