CV19 – You are not alone

This page is dedicated to CV19 news – a place where you will be able to find useful help, comments and resources from across the website to help you through this crisis.

The idea is to bring together the collective news, experience and views of the ICG community – helping each other to get through the next few months. The page includes both practical and emotional advice, as well as serious news and ‘light relief’.

If you have any ideas for the page, or wish to contribute please contact or

Running your business

Resources to help keep your business going

Learning new skills

Old dog, new tricks – never have researchers needed to be more adaptable.

Here is a list of learning resources to help you update skills or learn new ones

Industry viewpoints

What effect will Covid-19 have on how we work, think and behave?

Light relief

A collation of the interesting, funny and surprising to try and bring a smile to your face.
  • A synopsis of poems and ditties from our resident poet, Nanda Marchant

Wellbeing and keeping busy

The ICG community is a diverse group of people, with different skills, interests and hobbies.

This is a space where members can share their ideas and inspirations, teach people new skills or simply make connections or have a conversation with people who are in a similar ‘place’.

  • Forum – ICG connections – a space where members can forge connections and get to know other members
  • Event – ICG speed dating – an opportunity to meet and chat to other members (virtually, of course)
  • Make your own mask – why it is important, and how to make one at home