Gaming in Research - Breakthrough techniques or just a bit of fun?

Thursday 22nd August 2013

Gamification is one of the current hot topics in the research world – the latest GRIT report showed that 15% of client organisations are using Research Gamification and 34% have it ‘under consideration’.

So what is research gamification, how do you get involved and how do you convince clients to use it?

We have brought together 3 experts in the field:

Betty Adamou

founder of Research Through Gaming

Betty Adamou, founder of Research Through Gaming, is an award winning researcher, creating Games for Research in the online and offline spaces. As a frequent conference speaker, she shares her knowledge and experiences developing  games in research at conferences and Universities worldwide. Betty is the author of revolutionary paper "The Future of Research Through Gaming" (2011) which was RWConnects most read article throughout 2012. She is also co author of "Using Games for Academic Research" (2013) and is currently writing her first book "Playspondents: Making Games for Research".

John Puleston

Vice President Innovation at GMI

John is an award winning research innovator who is currently conducting research in to how to effectively stimulate creative thinking in online research and survey gamification – techniques for turning online surveys into more fun game-like experiences.

Arthur Fletcher

ICG member and Consultant  Researcher for Blauw Research

Arthur presented a ground breaking paper called ‘Gaming 0.0’ at the ESOMAR Congress in 2009 and was a finalist at the 2013 Insight Innovation Exchange in Sao Paulo with his most recent development – GameChanger.

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