Marketing Your Consultancy: It’s As Simple As ABC

Thursday 9th May 2019

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Thousands of consultancy businesses are started up every year in the UK; sadly, thousands of businesses also fail every year - either they go bankrupt or they fail to thrive as much as was hoped for.

One of the reasons they fail in this way is because they don’t get their marketing right. They throw money it, hoping it will work. They try a bit of this and a bit of that, because they’ve heard that’s what they need to do, or they think it might work.

Too many people waste money on marketing that’s not right for their business and that simply won’t work! Don’t be one of those businesses!

Successful businesses follow the simple ABC of Marketing for Consultants – just three simple marketing tactics that have been proven to work the most effectively for bringing in new business. Learn these three tactics and you can start to save time and money, while growing your business.

Chantal Cornelius at Appletree Marketing does marketing very differently to many other people in her industry. In this webinar she’ll tell you what the ABC tactics are and show you how to put them into practice straight away in your business. No more trial and error – just marketing that actually works for businesses like yours.

Here’s what one of Chantal’s Marketing Research clients said:

“HUGE thanks again for everything you've done over the years, Chantal. Research Insight is stronger, more customer-focused and more successful as a result of your advice/input (and cheerful cajoling!) and the excellent work of your team.”

ICG Member Martin Holliss, Managing Director, Research Insight

Chantal Cornelius

Chantal set up Appletree Marketing in 2000 and since then has helped hundreds of consultants and trainers to grow their businesses. She provides simple, practical and down to earth advice to help small businesses to grow.

She has written and published two books on marketing and business survival and is regularly asked to speak to groups of businesses on these subjects. Chantal successfully uses the ABC of Marketing to keep a steady stream of new clients knocking on her door. She can do the same for you too.





Lucie Wernicke - ICG Manager