Freelance-Client Best Practice Initiative

20 Jul 2021 | ICG News & Announcements, Research & Business Knowledge

Are you a freelance researcher or hirer of freelance researchers?  

If so, please support this initiative by completing this survey and share this post with others who may be interested.

Freelancers are vital to the market research industry.  And yet the ‘right way’ of engaging them is not always clear.  What should each party expect from the other to ensure the relationship is healthy?    

The ICG wants to co-define what best practice means for freelance researchers and the companies that hire them.  The purpose is to nurture happier and more productive working relationships.    

This initiative is spearheaded by ICG member Tom Woodnutt of Feeling Mutual.  Special thanks goes to ICG member Nik Harta of Yolo Comms who co-designed the survey, and to Further who kindly shared their online qual platform, inputted into discussions and supported the initiative with sponsorship.