Silvia Artinano - Arpo


We do what we’re good at. And what we’re good at is knowing that brands and institutions need tools to stand out from the rest, to shine above the competition, to be heard over the noise. And we know how to get it done.



We look consumers straight in the eyes to uncover drivers for action. Their decision-making processes are our driving force.


Brands have souls. We penetrate their inner depths to unlock their potential.


We’re big on data. Mostly because we know it helps you innovate.


Only those who listen carefully to the conversation between brands and consumers know exactly what to say.


Knowledge makes the world go round.


What sectors do you most often work in?

  • FMCG
  • Grey market
  • IT (inc Ecommerce)
  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare
  • Consumer durables
  • Children & Youth
  • Advertising & Media
  • Entertainment, leisure & travel
  • Automotive
  • Financial
  • Business to business
  • Retail
  • Agriculture Veterinary & Environment
  • Government, social research, education
  • Minorities
  • Utilities

What are the main types of research/research specialisms you conduct most often?

  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative
  • Recruitment and Fieldwork
  • Online/Mobile
  • Specialist techniques
  • Data Processing & Reporting
  • Transcription & Translation
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Video/audio services
  • Research venue/studio hire
  • Ethnography
  • Mystery shopping

Which international regions do you cover?

  • Western Europe

Apart from English, which languages do you speak fluently?

  • Spanish

Where are your offices outside the UK?

  • Spain