Deborah Simmons - Camino Insight Ltd


Sector Experience:

FMCG : Digital : Social : Finance : Health & Leisure : Entertainment : Charity / NFP : Travel & Tourism : Media (& Social Media)

Project Experience:

Innovation : Ideation : NPD : Comms development & testing : Business Strategy : Audience immersion : Brand development : Proposition development : UX


Ethnography :  Groups : IDI : Workshops : Online communities : Client / Consumer fusion : Co-creation : Web analytics : Accompanied shopping / web surfs : Wearable tech : Stakeholder Interviews : Expert events : Online focus groups : Online surveys : Segmentation


Younger / Hard to Reach Audiences

Much of my experience (in both marketing and insight) focuses on the youth sector. Working with younger audiences requires up-to-the-minute techniques and knowledge of youth culture and tech. Many of these projects have also involved working with hard-to-reach audiences, which requires a great deal of understanding and sensitivity; often the most challenging, yet the most rewarding.

Bridging the gap between the client & the consumer

In recent years I have driven forward approaches that focus on bringing the client and consumer closer together. Experience has taught me that the smaller the gap the greater the insight and engagement from all involved. I also gain satisfaction from taking a step backwards to facilitate client and consumer communication in a more invisible way. I believe success lies in the project design.

Making a real impact

A project may be designed strategically, carried out without a hitch and even reported beautifully, but unless it has actionable impact on the business it is largely worthless. I always focus on providing appropriate and actionable recommendations for my clients, that not only answer their research objectives, but also their overall business objectives. When a client leaves a debrief knowing exactly what steps they need to take, I feel I have done my job well.


Following my early interest in marketing, I started out as a clientside marketing executive for a number of consumer publications (including TVTimes, What's on TV, Loaded, Nuts, Uncut and NME). Over the years I became increasingly intruiged by underlying consumer behaviours, so after helping to successfully launch Nuts magazine I decided a role in research would encapsulate all the things I felt I excelled at and wanted as part of my career moving forward.

During the last 8+ years I have worked in agencyside insight roles for Illuminas, Prescient, Tuned In and Truth Consulting and completed a growing number of freelance projects.

I am London born and bred, (and now based in North London) but very well travelled (business as well as pleasure), have an insatiable curiosity into people and problem solving, and a keen eye for aesthetics. 



What sectors do you most often work in?

  • IT (inc Ecommerce)
  • Advertising & Media
  • Children & Youth
  • Financial

What are the main types of research/research specialisms you conduct most often?

  • Online/Mobile
  • Qualitative
  • Specialist techniques
  • Workshop facilitation

What regions within the UK do you cover?

  • London/South East England
  • English Midlands
  • Northern England

Which international regions do you cover?

  • Western Europe
  • North America
  • Central/South America

Where are your offices in the UK?

  • London/South East England

Where are your offices outside the UK?

  • Other Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe