Jane Morgan - JEM 9 Marketing Consultancy


Jane helps business owners and leaders better understand customers to reach business objectives.

Assignments include:

  • Learning from customers using a rich array of data sources and expert methodologies.
  • Creating customer personas and customer journey maps for use in product development, go-to-market strategy, and customer experience.
  • Undertaking market research to scope market size, segmentation, and competitive analysis in unfamilar geographies or market spaces.
  • Identifying and prioritizing market and customer knowledge gaps.


Having learnt her trade at a market-leading NASDAQ corporation, Jane brings her deep market research, marketing strategy, and product development skills to your organization or project. 

What sectors do you most often work in?

  • Business to business
  • IT (inc Ecommerce)
  • Industrial, manufacturing & logistics

What are the main types of research/research specialisms you conduct most often?

  • International
  • Secondary Research (data mining, desk research, web analysis)
  • Ethnography

What regions within the UK do you cover?

  • N. Ireland
  • London/South East England
  • English Midlands

Which international regions do you cover?

  • North America
  • Western Europe

Apart from English, which languages do you speak fluently?

  • German

Where are your offices outside the UK?

  • Republic of Ireland