Laura McLarty - 4D Youth Matter


I've worked in social and commercial research for 19 years and specialise in qualitative research. Most of my project work is management of entire pieces of work, from pitch through to the debrief. I offer a passionate and experienced response to your research needs. My main interest is in young people and the issues faced by excluded groups.

In addition to this, I regularly provide research support to larger research agencies, conducting fieldwork such as focus groups and ethnography - both online and offline.

Clients include: national government bodies; local authorities; social enterprises; and charities.


I specialise in youth research as I have a great deal of experience and expertise in this area. I can also undertake research on: branding; new product development. I also regularly evaluate services and products for clients.

My work involves focus groups and ethnography. Exploratory research; evaluation of services and programmes; concept testing.


I've worked for a number of research consultancies and agencies and have been an independent consultant for 7 years. My researcher journey has taken me from interviewing young people on welfare-to-work programmes, through to evaluating educational services and arts activities.

Certified member of the Market Research Society.

What sectors do you most often work in?

  • Children & Youth
  • Government, social research, education

What are the main types of research/research specialisms you conduct most often?

  • Qualitative
  • Specialist techniques

What regions within the UK do you cover?

  • London/South East England
  • English Midlands
  • Northern England
  • South West England
  • N. Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Wales

Which international regions do you cover?

  • Western Europe

Where are your offices in the UK?

  • Northern England