Neil Swan - FYI Research


FYI uses imaginative research and incisive thinking to give clients effective outcomes. We ask the right questions, get to the point, and nail 'the story'.
We specialise in quantitative research projects, large and small, UK only and multinational - often in partnership with leading qualitative consultancies.

What sectors do you most often work in?

  • Consumer durables
  • Automotive
  • Entertainment, leisure & travel
  • Financial
  • Retail
  • FMCG

What are the main types of research/research specialisms you conduct most often?

  • Quantitative
  • Online/Mobile
  • International

What regions within the UK do you cover?

  • London/South East England
  • English Midlands
  • South West England
  • N. Ireland
  • Northern England
  • Wales
  • Scotland

Which international regions do you cover?

  • Western Europe
  • North America
  • Australasia
  • Eastern Europe
  • China

Where are your offices in the UK?

  • London/South East England