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Abbey Teunis

Founder and Director, Embark Insight Ltd


We use market research help businesses understand their target customers. We then translate this information in to actionable steps to drive consumer engagement and make better and more profitable marketing decisions.


We specialise in two areas of consumer research: communications and audience understanding. Abbey has over 16 years' experience doing this and is experienced in both qualitative and quantitative research, which puts her in the unique position of being able to lead on all parts of a project. She seamlessly brings the different phases together and doesn't have to employ less cost- and time-efficient agencies to deliver on various elements.

Having intentionally not specialised in an industry, she brings her wide knowledge of behaviour and how humans interact with communications as observed across different sectors. This enables her to see patterns in human behaviour that are as applicable in finance as they are in employee engagement. Her experience in communications covers: traditional and new media advertising; media and communications strategy; and brand strategy.

Research is conducted and delivered by highly experienced senior researchers, which guarantees that we can interpret what the research means for your business and provide guidelines on how to use this to improve consumer engagement and make better and more profitable marketing decisions.

We have partnerships with marketing and PR specialists with experience in implementing strategy and media plans, with whom we collaborate when relevant.


One of the reasons I started Embark was because I love what I do and I love servicing clients and doing the client work. I’m really good at seeing patterns and organising overwhelming reams of data into simple models, systems and summaries; it’s just how my brain works, so it was the right step for me to get my teeth stuck into client work.

I have a policy when starting new work with new clients called the rule of 3:

  • Do I like the client?
  • Do I think I can do a good job?
  • Do I genuinely believe in the work?

If the answer is ever no, I walk away and I believe my clients get the best of me for that reason.

I have two young children and in what little spare time I have, my husband and I are slowly renovating our house - decor and design is my remit so I spend hours looking at Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration.