Andrew Ockwell

Ockwell Associates

Qualitative research consultancy


Qualitative research groups, depths, ethnographic studies.

Training in qualitative research.

Consultancy to help clients choose advertising agencies.


Our strategic research is psychologically based. What is said by respondents in groups or depths is very important, but it is the starting point not the output of the process. We interpret to guide the understanding of markets and brands.

When carrying out advertising research I am very aware that the objective is to produce excellent creative work rather than to conduct a research exercise. In practical terms we are geared up to working fast. (Five years at BMP (now DDB) gave plenty of insight into the process of creating advertising.)


Andrew Ockwell established Ockwell Associates following five years at the advertising agency Boase Massimi Pollitt, now adam&eveddb. While there, he had been Managing Director of the agency’s specialist qualitative research company, after being a Senior Planner.

Within the agency he was responsible for training planners in qualitative research.

Andrew was educated in psychology and philosophy at the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Reading. He also has an MA in creative writing.

Ockwell Associates has its own fieldworkers which it has used over a number of years, ensuring high quality recruitment.