Andrew Scrivener

Bridge Insight & Innovation

FMCG Consumer Insights & Innovation for Emerging Markets


  • Complete start to finish insight & innovation service: from insight to idea to concept to prototype
  • In-home interviews & ethnography
  • Sensory cues optimisation
  • HUTs
  • Accompanied store visits
  • Facilitated brain storming sessions
  • Idea generation
  • Concept writing
  • Innovation (incremental & radical product ideas & concepts)
  • Prototyping & formulating
  • Training (ideation, innovation & concept writing)
  • General FMCG problem solving (technical advice, cost reduction projects, etc)


  • Emerging markets consumer insights
  • Identifying unmet needs via home visits
  • Ethnography, sensory cues optimization, HUTs, accompanied store visits, etc
  • All FMCG categories
  • Practical Innovation (incremental & radical)


I am an insights researcher with 15 years’ experience, who uses a straight forward & well-proven home interview methodology to identify unmet consumer needs in emerging markets.  My ability to couple creative lateral thinking with a sound technical knowledge of FMCG products gives me the unique ability to propose & develop innovative but practical, affordable and consumer-preferred concepts & products.  I established and managed the Pest Control Consumer Insights & Innovation Programme at Reckitt Benckiser which resulted in me being the primary author of 6 global patents for innovative products.  I have since developed many innovative pest & air care products, all with USPs, now on shelf in Aldi & Coles in Australia.  FMCG products I have developed have won Product of the Year for 2015 & 2016.  Refer to my LinkedIn profile for more details.