Colin Wheeler

Understanding Expertise Ltd

Consultant in research, insight, analytics and measurement


Leadership for Research, Insights and Analytics Teams (Interim support such as recruitment or maternity cover)

Creating and setting up analytics processes

Design and management of research project (small to large/multi-national projects)

Data insight and analytics (internal company data, Google web analytics, media data etc.)

Advertising and communcations development and testing

Media Measurement and Evaluation

Social Media Monitoring and Analysis


I’m focussed on getting business value for clients by helping them use the vast untapped data which they have hidden away.

By combining customer behavioural data (such as web analytics, or loyalty database information), survey data (satisfaction, brand perception etc.) and business performance (sales, engineering data, complaints/returns) you can build up a truly holistic picture of what’s happening within a business and make better decisions and create success.


I’m a research and insights specialist with 20+ years of experience across clientside and agency roles.

While my ‘heartland’ is primary research, I’m a "data omnivore" and am equally happy to analyse qualitative and quantitative data, business data and behavioural tracking.

My background is broad and I can write SQL and use software such as SAS, R or SPSS to analyse data, so can dig into insight projects as well as primary studies.

In 2011 I joined a PR agency to set up and build an analytics practice covering Europe, Middle East and Africa, principally media evaluation and coverage analysis, but also primary research projects, social media analysis and web analytics. Leading my business unit we consistently exceeded profit and revenue targets and grew the team to 5 people, making a significant contribution to the agency offer.

In 2014 I left to start up as an independent consultant, combining my experience across media evaluation, research and insight skills with business leadership and planning experience.

I see myself as an expert problem-solver, able to lead and inspire others, developing their skills and helping them achieve their potential.