David Chilvers

David Chilvers Associates Limited


Data and analytics consultancy


Data – helping clients assess the robustness and representativeness of data

Consultancy – applying experience from other situations to a clients business

Analytics – using statistical tools to extract insights from data


Statistical analysis – key driver, regression, segmentation – using SPSS – undertaken and reported in terms non technical clients can understand

Simulation models – build using Excel so clients can take over and update

Non executive management role – can add to clients management team and provide objective, external viewpoint

Helping small businesses grow

Help large businesses maximise the value of their data sources


David Chilvers Associates is a small consultancy practice that can help clients develop their business through improved data, insights obtained from analysis or enhanced performance obtained from revised organisational structures.

David Chilvers has over 40 years experience of market research and management consultancy.  He has worked supply side for research agencies and management consultancies and client side for major organisations.  From long periods of working with both suppliers and clients, he has a unique blend of experience of management and marketing and can bring that experience to bear on a wide range of client situations.

Extensive experience in finance, media, transport and public sector work.


  • Advertising & Media
  • Business to business
  • Entertainment, leisure & travel
  • Financial
  • Government, social research, education

Skills & Services

  • Data Processing & Reporting
  • Quantitative
  • Secondary Research (data mining, desk research, web analysis)
  • Specialist techniques