David Oser

David Oser

Highly experienced qualitative research consultant


  • Qualitative research – focus groups, in-depth interviews and everything in between
  • (Delighted to do the fishtank stuff…)
  • Quantitative research…with field & tab subcontracted
  • Rigorous qual and quant analysis
  • Lucid reporting
  • Presentation of results at the highest levels
  • Proposal writing
  • Consultancy
  • Sense of humour


Worked for 80+ blue chip clients in the last 30+ years on matters as diverse as: fmcgs, banking, telecoms, energy, employee communications, publishing, armed forces recruitment, unemployment, even violence against social care staff. Recently, most emphasis has been on B2B consultancy. It’s truly misleading to talk of specialist areas of expertise after such diverse experience, but Publishing (incl electronic, natch) and Telecoms come especially to mind. At different times worked for EMAP, The Economist, The International Monetary Fund, Reed Business Information and United Business Media, including print media, online data dissemination, some digital publishing and web/portal work. All this has included conducting depth interviews and focus groups at the most senior levels in public and private sector organisations, occasionally in highly technical fields. Some international work has taken me to North America (USA, many times), Latin America (Mexico, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina), Europe (France, Germany, Holland, Poland, Russia), Africa (Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania) and Asia (Turkey, India, South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand)… But most of my work has been in the UK.

Regarding telecoms, I’ve worked, at various times, for BT, Cable & Wireless, Telewest – and, in the mobile field, for  Orange and Vodafone. Some international work in this field has also taken me to Europe and Japan.

Qualitative research is a very transferrable skill, given enough wit, and a preparedness to ask dumb questions intelligently!  I’m just as happy with fmcg work, of which I have done an enormous amount in a 40-year career.  So just because you can fruitfully chat with GPs about how they keep up to date, or a central banker about global financial stability, or an IT Director about their needs, really doesn’t mean you can’t equally fruitfully chat with retail shoppers about store layout, or yoghurt. Which I’ve also done much of… Phew!


Graduated in psychology with economics ancillary from UC, London in 1965.

Since then, I’ve worked in manufacturing (Nestle), advertising (FCB London) and various market research agencies, lastly Associate Director at MBL until 1978.

Then set up Research Perspectives as a qualitative consultancy, with quant capability.

Now identified simply as David Oser, having liquidated the Research Perspectives partnership

Working (less) hard ever since.