Ed Newton

Prospect Consulting (UK) Ltd

Prospect is a full service market research agency


I have over 30 years experience, undertaken for a wide range of clients varying from public sector, charities, international corporations to small start ups.

I will apply a wide range of techniques to provide comprehensive solutions.  The methods applied include conjoint, multivariate analayis;  whatever is appropriate.  I strive to give you business solutions and accompanying list of actions- all at a sesnible price.

Email for your free copy of "Statistics Unmasked", a popular and easy to understand guide to widely used popular analysis techniques


Our client profile covers all sectors from Government, charities, public and private companies. Our diversity is our speciality


Ed Newton launched Prospect Consulting with Charles Blount in 2003.

Before that he had held senior positions in both research agencies and marketing companies, including Unilever and SC Johnson.