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Gaston Martínez Heres

Gaston Martínez

Inspirational qualitative researcher and culture consultant


  • Qualitative
  • Ethnography
  • Cultural values analysis
  • International
  • Online/Mobile
  • Secondary Research (desk research, web analysis)


I am an anthropologist and work as a qualitative researcher and cross-cultural expert. I also use neuroscience as input for my projects.

I build my outputs from empathy, collaboration, and depth to generate understanding and trust.

I enjoy doing personal, telephone, and online fieldwork. I enjoy it most when I see clients discover something more valuable, more resonant about the person behind their buyer.

My reports start from understanding people in their lives because I believe that is how to discover brand decisions' true meaning.

I am passionate about investigating the new senses that brands are acquiring. The future is being built today at full speed, and it will be better if we can anticipate what it might look like.


During my career I have worked as a researcher in agencies and as a planner in advertising agencies. I also work as a cross-cultural expert. Currently I work as a qualitative researcher and inspirer for advertising and branding agencies. I use my experience as a cross-cultural expert to make the differences in the behavior of different countries more understandable. I have coordinated projects in Europe, Latin America and Africa.
I have worked for different sectors: financial, automotive, healthcare, food and beverage, FMCG among others. I have also worked for non-profit organizations and NGOs.
I have presented papers at ESOMAR and QRCA.
I teach cultural values and branding at IED Madrid.