Giulia Fabrizi



Keen Qualitative Market Researcher and Small Data Insights Consultant


I conduct in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, creative workshops and I like to combine qualitative research with Coaching sessions inside the organizations, with smaller or bigger groups of employees/employers based on the specific objectives. I also organize Qualitative Mystery Shopping projects with the possibility to add Coaching sessions with sales force, individually and/or as team. I run online projects consisting in focus groups, in-depth interviews, bulletin boards, forum, digital diaries, virtual ethnography studies. I also carry out mobile research, especially with the younger targets, with the possibility to collect lot of information in real time.  


CEO at ALMAR QUALITY RESEARCH, an independent Qualitative Market Research Institute based in Milan. ALMAR stands for Active Listening Marketing And Research since I'm convinced that all starts from a good level of empathy and ability to active listen to people. My aim is to promote people well-being, both those who work within companies and consumers, using my experiences in qualitative market research and in various disciplines. I strongly believe in the value of collaboration among professionals and, with a team of Experts in Semiotics, Work Psychology, Mindfulness, Laugher Yoga and Digital Communication, I have created B4P - Brand For People, a method to support brands in taking care of individuals, society and planet, so to become ethical brands.


I'm graduated in Social Psychology and over the years I achieved Masters in Business and Team Coach, a certificate as Expert in Positive Psychology and as Lego® Serious Play® facilitator. I started working as HR consultant and then I discovered the world of market research working first in quantitative research and then I got passionate of qualitative market research and it is more than 25 years that I work mainly in this sector. I work, directly and indirectly (coordinated by International Research Institutes located all over the world) with Multinational and large companies, SMEs, no-profit associations, etc. on a variety of topics, from FMCG to pharma and OTC products and services, B2B and B2C. I have been Esomar Representative for Italy for the last 4 years and I'm member of AssoCoaching. I've been awarded as one of the Insigth250, for having promoted the value of market research in Italy and around the world, in my role as Esomar Representative.


  • Advertising & Media
  • Agriculture Veterinary & Environment
  • Automotive
  • Business to business
  • Charities & Not-for-profit
  • Children & Youth
  • Consumer durables
  • Entertainment, leisure & travel
  • Financial
  • FMCG
  • Government, social research, education
  • Industrial, manufacturing & logistics
  • IT (inc Ecommerce)
  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Utilities

Skills & Services

  • Business services for market researchers
  • Data Processing & Reporting
  • Ethnography
  • International
  • Mystery shopping
  • Online/Mobile
  • Qualitative
  • Recruitment and Fieldwork
  • Research venue/studio hire
  • Transcription & Translation
  • Workshop facilitation