Isabelle Mazur

Izaliel : Qualitative Market Research Consultant

Human understanding & qualitative expertise at your service


Izaliel’s consultancy consists of 3 types of services, that can be stand-alone services, or combined:

QUALITATIVE STUDIES: either strategic (brand-essence, exploratory studies, etc.), or operational (concept test, communication studies, etc.)

  • Individual in-depth interviews : we use innovative approaches to probe deeply for information
  • Focus groups, mini-groups

WORKSHOPS: their design and their length are adapted to clients’ needs. They take place among client’s teams, under our guidance and facilitation, and they are based on a preliminary qualitative study.

  • Insight creation: to help "hit the target" and develop insight routes
  • Incorporation: to become immersed in consumer perceptions, and use this inner understanding in future communications
  • Concept development: to help rapidly finalise/optimize concepts. We alternate consumer groups with working sessions with client’s teams  

​COACHING: one-on-one or team coaching. Their design and their length are adapted to clients’ needs.

  • MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Session: to optimize the efficiency of the team and encourage cooperation, due to an enhanced understanding of the way each person "functions"
  • Coaching: to help clients meet their goals, reach a better understanding of themselves and achieve a sense of fulfillment. We use the "Intelligence of Self" approach (taught by G. Cailloux & P. Cauvin), which combines Jungian personality types and Voice Dialogue. 







  • In-Depth research
  • Archetypal dynamics
  • Huge experience on brand identity matters
  • Tailored workshops and coaching, that positively impact brand development



+ 25 years of experience at Procter & Gamble as Consumer Research Senior Manager, International Business Consultant & Coach

  • Expert in archetypal dynamics
  • MBTI Certified Practioner
  • Coach
  • Trained on the Intelligence of Self (Jungian Types + Voice Dialogue) by G. Cailloux & P. Cauvin


Managed multiple international (US, Europe, China) and French research project. During those years, Isabelle has:

  • Accompanied Marketing and R&D in their strategic thinking
  • Developed teams’ ability to create consumer insights
  • Trained and coached teams and individuals, to help them go further in the understanding of their consumers… and of themselves
  • Developed and adapted different qualitative methodologies