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Customer Insight Resources


Customer Insight effectiveness consultancy & top-up resource


Customer Insight Resources enables your business to benefit from more effective customer insight.

We do this by providing expert consultancy to improve your customer insight team’s effectiveness, and top-up resource to help you deliver a particular customer insight project, output or activity which you would otherwise struggle to complete.

What makes us different

We provide both consultancy and top-up resource – not just one or other.

So whether you need help with something big or small, complex or basic, we are a one-stop shop for your additional customer insight needs.

For corporate customer insight teams

We work with you to improve the effectiveness of your customer insight function. We have particular expertise in what constitutes corporate customer insight best practice and how to deliver it.

For companies without their own customer insight capability

We work with you to identify and deliver the customer insight which will provide your business with competitive advantage.

For market research agencies

We work with you to improve what you deliver to your clients and to help you meet your commitments to them.


Customer Insight Resources has particular expertise in what constitutes corporate customer insight best practice and how to deliver it. For example:

  • maximising the impact of customer insight on strategic decisions and in creating a customer focused culture
  • how to┬áprioritise insight work, based on strategic alignment and commercial value
  • how to improve the quality of insights generated
  • how to communicate and influence for business impact
  • how to deliver insight leadership
  • setting up systems and processes to support insight delivery

We can also provide top-up resource for your team, providing expert help to deliver a particular project or activity which you would otherwise struggle to complete. This avoids the difficulty and commitment of taking on extra headcount. For example:

  • identifying any key strategic gaps in the organisation’s understanding of the customer and how to fill these
  • holistic analysis of multiple insight sources
  • preparing summaries and strategic implications of existing insight
  • preparing customer insight reports and presentations
  • customer closeness programme management
  • customer experience evaluation
  • market research project brief writing and competitive tendering
  • market research project proposal writing
  • market research project management
  • market research questionnaire design, sampling design, data analysis & interpretation

In terms of market research project management specifically, examples of past work include:

  • Advertising impact evaluation
  • Brand and reputation monitoring
  • Employee engagement monitoring
  • Service performance measurement eg customer satisfaction and mystery shopping
  • Customer experience evaluation and improvement
  • Usage & attitude studies
  • Segmentations
  • Trade-off studies


Customer Insight Resources was founded by Jane Woolley.

Jane has 20 years’ experience in the customer insight world – 14 years leading a corporate customer insight team at London Underground and 6 years at top-flight market research agency, BMRB International. As such, she has successfully handled most of the leadership, business, managerial, project and research challenges faced by today’s customer insight teams and market research agencies.

Jane has a particular expertise in defining and implementing corporate customer insight team best practice. She has been a long-standing and active member of two organisations which promote the exploration and implementation of customer insight best practice: the Customer Insight Forum and AURA (Association of Users of Research Agencies). Jane is also a full member of the Market Research Society.

Jane works with carefully selected associates where necessary to ensure client requirements are met.


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