Jean Pilling

JP International Marketing Research


I conduct full service projects for end-clients or provide partial project support to other (international) researchers as required: from design & set-up, recruitment & fieldwork, though to analysis & reporting. My services cover consumer, B2B and also medical target groups:

  • face-to-face qualitative research: individual depth interviews, executive interviews, triads, focus groups, workshops, brainstorming sessions
  • online qualitative sessions: bulletin board discussions, online groups, etc.
  • ethnographic/observation sessions: in-home, customer journeys, filming  
  • telephone qualitative interviews: especially with B2B respondents  
  • linguistic validation: cognitive debriefing applied to medical/pharmaceutical questionnaires/ documents
  • qual+quant research: organising the quantitative side of mixed qual/quant studies, e.g. online surveys, panels, central location or telephone fieldwork.



The result of having been an agency-side researcher all my (working) life is that my sector experience is pretty broad-based. You can almost regard this as a specialism in itself, since it leads to versatility and the ability to get to grips quickly with each new market you’re asked to research. For more details of the specific sectors I’ve spent most time researching in recent years, please visit my website.

I guess my main speciality is the ability to work efficiently and effectively with international clients requiring qualitative research in the Netherlands.  The fact that I’m British-born, but have lived in the Amsterdam region for the past 30 years and speak fluent Dutch, generates a number of benefits for international clients including:

  • local insights: increased awareness of any more detailed explanations international clients may need, e.g. research findings are also interpreted from a non-Dutch perspective
  • effective communication & accurate interpretation: from the initial briefing, liaison, recruitment, moderation, client debriefing, through to reporting
  • familiarity with other styles of recruitment/reporting: international clients’ requirements are often more complex/detailed than Dutch researchers are used to handling
  • cost-effective reporting: reporting, transcripts, etc. in fluent English with no additional translation costs.



I set up JP International as an independent market research consultancy/agency in 1992 after having worked for leading research agencies in Amsterdam, The Hague and London (see LinkedIn for details).  

Although essentially a one-woman business, I work regularly with specialist recruiters and also with qualitative interviewers & co-researchers as appropriate to the size/nature of the project concerned.

On a personal note: born & raised in a hilly, leafy Kent suburb, I thoroughly enjoy living in the Netherlands despite its flat, deforested landscape. I now jog, cycle and even skate as often as possible … and let’s face it they’re all a lot easier to do without any hills around!