John Boreham

Allsorts of Insights


A fresh pair of hands and eyes helping agencies and clients to maximise the impact from their work


Helping agencies and insight buyers maximise the impact of their insight.  Practically this can means quite a lot of things such :

  • reviewing the output of a project (either for an agency or supplier)
  • re-analysisng existing insight/research data
  • working alongside agency/client on existing/new projects
  • just being another pair of eyes on a project/brief

Whilst I do not offer primary research I can help on design and management of projects  as well as guiding the right research collection partners having built up an extensive netework during my 20+ years clientside.   I can help insight delivery as well as assist in internal stakeholder alignment before and after the project.


With nearly 30 years clientside experience and having run teams in agencies I bring a fresh pair of eyes to new and existing projects. In reality this means I can bring client thinking/usage to a study backed by the pragmatism of agency know how.

I can help agencies re-evaluate how they approach existing/repeat projects – both in terms of how they tackle it but also how it’s presented.

Will also work clientside on a contract/project basis


My bio in proposals states:

After a traditional training in major blue chip FMCG organisations he has gained experienced in a variety of international organisations and industries.  He has experience of conducting research across all continents.  John is known as a problem solver and has a track record of innovating and adapting approaches to ensure delivery of relevant cost-effective solutions, integrating data sources wherever possible to provide well rounded stories.

In summary he has proven record of helping to drive business growth by delivering actionable insights to a wide range of stakeholders, from Board to shop floor

What this means is that I am a specialist generalist with 30+ years’ experience gained primarily clientside but with 3 stints agency side along the way. I was classically trained Winter school, summer school etc.

As a client I have worked in retail, FMCG and telecoms and used most research approaches and have a good knowledge of web, CRM and social media metrics/data.

I’m known for my pragmatism, commercial focus, straight talking with the ability to communicate to all levels of staff from shop floor to the board room.



  • Business to business
  • Consumer durables
  • IT (inc Ecommerce)
  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare
  • Retail

Skills & Services

  • Secondary Research (data mining, desk research, web analysis)
  • Specialist techniques
  • Workshop facilitation