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John Clay

Stretton and Clay LTD

We are B2B market research and strategy consultants.


Stretton and Clay were formed in 2019 by John Clay and Sarah Stretton to leverage our expertise from both client and agency sides.

B2B MARKET RESEARCH: Researching international markets presents particular challenges. From our experience of conducting research in twenty different countries and fifteen languages, we have developed processes and systems to deliver success. We can advise on research techniques and methodologies suited to a particular country – and those that really aren’t.


Qualitative research interviews provide an unbiased insight which unlocks an understanding of how you can meet business needs.
Market research can answer a lot of different business questions, but we know from experience what is on people’s minds right now.
We are frequently asked to consider research objectives such as:

• Where is the opportunity?
• Understanding customer unmet needs and behaviours
• Uncovering the specification process
• Mapping the supply chain
• Developing and testing new concepts and value propositions
• Exploring what customers think of a brand

B2B RECRUITMENT:  We also provide recruitment for in-depth interviews and online groups.  We have experience across specialist and technical B2B markets such as automotive manufacturing, architects, construction and facilities management.



We are B2B market research and strategy consultants.  With many years of experience managing global market research and intelligence projects, we understand the pressures involved in delivering unbiased insights to support business decisions. From small family-owned businesses to multinational, global players we help to deliver your business aspirations.

Our values centre on providing the tools and know-how to get answers to business questions quickly and with as little fuss as possible.
We work to bring clarity and structure to market insights that drive fact-based and unbiased commercial decision making.
We take a consultative approach to market research, to deliver powerful insight to reach unbiased business decisions.


Being a research consultant should be about assisting companies to answer business questions and solve business problems.

I am a United Kingdom-based market research consultant with over 20 years of experience conducting market research and intelligence projects as both an in house research manager and external consultant.

I have worked successfully as a freelance consultant since January 2015, working on a wide variety of research projects for clients such as ABB, LeasePlan, Panasonic, Shred-IT, Cox Automotive, and Kimberley Clark Professional and Epson.

Prior to this, I worked for BP Castrol as the head of global market intelligence across industrial markets like wind energy, mining, automotive manufacturing and oil and gas . Prior to that, I was Head of EMEA Research at Brady Corporation, where I ran a buyer persona project for the Seton brand to assist with market prioritisation. I was also Research Manager at ATS Euromaster (part of the Michelin Group) and Research and Insight Manager at Calor Gas.

Our values are centred on providing the tools and know-how to get answers to business questions quickly and with as little fuss as possible.