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John (Jack) Murray

Sport MR

Insight for the Sport Industry


Sport MR is a consultancy established by market research specialists with extensive experience, much of which has been spent working in the sport industry. We are a small but respected voice in the sport industry and focus on providing impactful insight and advice. Our research pedigree comes from working in small, medium and large agencies and longstanding membership of the MRS. However our focus is on working with key stakeholders in sport including federations, competitions, teams, media, sponsors and event hosts.

Our research specialisms include

  • Brand equity of sports properties
  • Segmentation of fan base
  • Fan experience research
  • Brand positioning in the sports market
  • New offer development
  • Pricing and demand forecasting
  • Sponsorship impact
  • Researching attitudes to individual sports, barriers to participation and how these can be overcome
  • Economic impact and tourism surveys for hosts /potential hosts of a major event

Our low overheads and strong partnerships mean that we will offer competitive, creative and compelling research programmes. We are independent which means that we can choose the best solutions rather than branded products.


Insight for the Sport Industry