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Justin Alderson

Director, Aurora Market Research


Aurora offers online quantitative research services and consulting. We particularly specialise in managing projects of any complexity using Confirmit and Alchemer software and have a proprietary UK online panel which we offer for sample only or full service projects.


Market Research has changed. Online tools mean that anyone can conduct their own research. What our clients are looking for now is a higher level of expertise and a greater peace of mind to ensure the quality of the data they collect matches their expectations.

Clients and survey respondents are all unique. We therefore offering a consultative approach to ensure that our approach is truly tailored.

We also run our own carefully managed in-house online panel UK consumers so that when our clients need an external sample, we will make sure every survey is properly representative of the audience they are looking for. Furthermore, we also run a weekly Omnibus survey of 1000 UK adults.


7 words to describe me:  Thorough. Professional. Flexible. Creative. Understanding. Approachable. Friendly.

Professionally, my experience running surveys has taught me to be a stickler for detail... but hopefully in a good way. One word or number out of place in a survey, or not spotting poor data quality can mean they results are invalidated, so it is crucial that surveys are conducted just the way a client wants. That is how I work.

Personally, I am still striving to master the game of golf after 40 years of playing so would always be happy to discuss a brief (or a putt!) on the course.