Kate gibson

GRO Fieldwork Ltd

Recruitment Qual and Quant Ireland UK Global: Reg.ISO 20252.


International project management Recruitment of respondents for Market research Project management internationally setting up all the logistics for qualitative research in 30 countries worldwide. Facilitation and moderation. Viewing facilities in Ireland


GROFieldwork specialise in  qualitative fieldwork  Ireland UK 30 countries worldwide.
  • Our own Panel of thousands of respondents including consumers, SME's, patients and healthcare professionals
  • ISO – 20252 registered, we maintain high standards in our quality management systems and processes.
  • Recruitment of participants for F2F and online qualitative research for focus groups, depth interviews ,communities  UX testing, online surveys, Creative workshops,  accompanied shops, depth interviews, and CLT UX testing.
  • Quantitative research
  • Hall Testing
  • Home user tasting
  • Sensory taste testing centre central Dublin
  • Moderation and Facilitation
  • Hall testing facility Dublin for sensory .
  • Viewing Facilities in Dublin City Centre


With over 20 years’ experience in the Market research industry GRO Fieldwork is the leading provider of qualitative fieldwork on the island of Ireland and 30 countries worldwide. Kate  has  overseen a variety of projects across all sectors, from food and beverages, medical financial through child welfare. GRO Fieldwork have  established and fostered trusting relationships with partners across all continents within countries the UK,  USA, China, Japan, and Europe.