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Lisa Steadman

Steadman Insights Ltd

A shopper and consumer quallie with over 25 years experience in using insight to drive change


My focus is on using qualitative research methods to deliver strategic insights that can drive change across businesses, brands and within the third sector.  My passion lies in identifying unmet needs and exploring ways in which those needs can be met.

I conduct group discussions, in-store interviews, in-home interviews and use on-line methodologies including groups and asynchronous studies.

I also provide consumer closeness training for clients to help them understand how to listen to their customers better and act on what they learn from them.


Working for over 25 years as a qualitative researcher with Board-level management experience, I have been fortunate enough to meet, listen to and share stories with, thousands of people from many walks of life.  This has provided me with a rich breadth and depth of experience and the ability to identify and understand the needs and behaviours of people in many contexts.  I value the variety and challenge each project provides and the opportunity for new learning on a daily basisI am a conscientious, energetic and straight-talking qualitative researcher.

I believe that creating and nurturing supportive and engaging relationships is the key to understanding the needs of others and unlocking insights that drive change for businesses, brands and charities.  I combine my natural curiosity and perceptiveness with a deep understanding of qualitative research practices and, a strong motivation to work together to deliver insights that unlock success.

Working with many large FMCG brands and retailers, my focus is to engage people in a way that delivers clear insights based on evidence to drive strategic business change.

I specialise in

  • Retail environment development and evaluation
  • Understanding shopper needs and behaviour across categories
  • Identifying purchase decision hierarchies
  • New Product Development
  • Pack design and evaluation
  • Concept testing
  • Healthcare
  • Charities


I provide qualitative research solutions that engage clients with their consumers and shoppers to ensure the strategic insight delivered, is taken on-board across the business.  My clients love my energy, collaborative working style and my ability to offer flexibility to meet the needs of the client team and participant profiles.

Starting out as a graduate in Business Studies at NOP in 1992 I quickly developed the skills required to be an all round researcher through their graduate training programme.  I developed my qualitative research skills at ORC International where I headed up the qual team and Hauck Research (which bacame Illuminas in 2006) where I ran the retail division.

I set up my first business, threesixty research, 14 years ago with two business partners.  We focussed on qualitative research across consumer and shopper projects for many major FMCG brands.

With a gradual move into the charitable and not for profit sectors, I launched Steadman Insights in the middle of the pandemic to combine my experience in retail and consumer research and commercial experience with, charitable research.