Mark Van Roo

Strategic Weather Station

Conducting qualitative research across Greater China


Fluent in Mandarin, conducting qualitative research across Greater China and Asia.

Over the past 30 years I have had the opportunity to work and learn with some of the best in the business – Frank Small (both the company and the man), John Smurthwait, Raymond Liang, Chris Robinson, Martin Van Herk, Chris Maxwell and many many more. But the two people upon whose shoulders I stand are John and Mary Goodyear, the founders of MBL Plc.

Some of the many things they taught me were:

– The process of doing consumer research "is a process". New, objective thinking needs to be brought into play each and every time a study is undertaken.
– The importance of understanding not only the clients’ research objectives, but also their business objectives.
– Gain a firm understanding of the clients’ assumptions and hypotheses so that these can all be addressed in the report.
– Be as objective as possible during the interviewing and analysis stage. However, when it comes to recommendations, do not shy away from    telling them what you think.
– Words matter.
– Never ever take short cuts.

I believe that these are just some of the required attributes to ensure delivering relevant and actionable findings.
I like to work with my clients,
not just for them.


After spending almost two decades as one of the regional owners and managers of Market Behaviour Ltd. Asia Pacific, a multi-national research organization, I knew what I loved most was doing qualitative research. Now as the owner of SWS Ltd., an independent qualitative consultancy, I have the freedom to do just that.

From taking the brief, writing the proposal, moderation, analysis, reporting and presentation, I take full responsibility from beginning to end. There is no delegation. What you see is what you get. It is all tailor-made to each client’s needs the old fashioned way.

Finally, my many years in Asia mean that I can serve as a bridge between ‘local’ and Western thinking as well as put an important perspective on the development of consumerization in China.


Lived in Taiwan since 1976
Fluent in Mandarin
Helped start FS&A Taiwan 1984
Started MBL Taiwan 1988
Became Regional Director and shareholder MBL Asia Pacific 1990
Regularly conducted qualitative research across China starting in 1995
Made Regional Qualitative Director NFO 2001
Established Strategic Weather Station 2003