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Natalia Drummond

Quantitative research and operations consultant


My expertise lies in leading all aspects of quant research projects, from proposal to delivery, for clients across the private and public sector. I am also experienced in uncovering insights about consumers, markets and anything that really matters in today’s world to create stories that are actionable for business problems. My skillset includes:

  • Proposal scoping, costing and writing
  • Managing projects from proposal to delivery
  • Setting up international or complex ad-hoc studies and trackers, including also tech elements such VoxPopMe, IRT, eye-tracker, facial-coding, e-shelf
  • Managing sample, data processing and translation agencies
  • Questionnaire design
  • Data analysis
  • Creating insights for presentations or reports
  • Desk research and literature reviews
  • Troubleshooting existing projects to improve their efficiency


I’m an insights and research consultant with over a decade of experience from roles in media and research agencies, leading a wide range of innovative research projects for the private and public sector. 

My career started as a project manager on the operational side and I have led small and large international ad-hoc and tracking studies with complex research and innovative set-ups. As a project lead, I have managed internal teams from multidisciplinary backgrounds and worked with a range of clients and suppliers. While I started on the operational side, I am also curious and like digging into the data to uncover insights, finding answers to “what now?” and “so what?”, and putting them into a compelling format. All of this has made me a well-rounded research professional. Also, I am always keen on expanding my knowledge about innovative and tech research solutions. 

In the rest of my life I am passionate about sustainability and active travel. I am a ‘practical doer’ who is on a mission to create a joyful and safe environment for people who want to build up their confidence in active travel. Since becoming a cycling instructor, I’ve had the privilege of supporting individuals of all ages and backgrounds in their cycling journey. When I am not on a bike, I also swim and run. When I am not on the go, I love reading books, blogs, articles, everything!