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Nicki Karet

MD and Founder, Sherbert Research


A specialist kids, tweens, teens and families qualitative (with a bit of quant) research agency, that is dedicated to uncovering the mysteries that lie within their worlds (both in the UK and Globally)


Sherbert is a Kids, teens and families research agency - we are a specialist qualitative agency (with experienced quant partners)  Established in 2003 - we are a small and flexible senior team. We are experienced working across ALL aspects of kids/teen worlds; from sport and leisure, food and drink, media and education, to charity and government. We are constantly speaking to kids and teens to keep up to date with what’s going on in their worlds.


Nicki, a former primary school teacher, established Sherbert in 2003 after embarking on her research career. The core team and our many associates have always shared a specialist understanding of kids’ worlds from a variety of backgrounds, are all highly experienced researchers as well as being passionate and forever curious about this target