Oliver Green

Exalt Market Research


Exalt Market Research services include Market Testing, Consumer Feedback, Polling and Quantitative and Qualitative research. We provide tailor-made research solutions to small to medium size enterprises that need market insights to make critical decisions and/or win investor confidence.

 For each of our clients we take the time to understand exactly how the business wishes to use the data as we believe it is only by knowing its intended use, that an effective research study can be designed.

 Here are a few examples of how we help:-

➢ Polling: used for identifying target markets

➢ Quantitative Research: perfect for identifying how to enhance customers services fast

➢ Qualitative Research: find out how customers really feel by asking them carefully tailored questions

➢ Market Testing: Ensure your product meets the needs of the market by testing products for you launch

➢ Consumer Feedback: Gain the competitive edge by finding out exactly what customers want and how to improve

 Beyond designing and conducting research that’s fit for purpose, we take the time to consider historical trends and economic influences that may also impact upon results.


My strongest area of expertise is open-ended Qualitative Research, which is typically more flexible as they allow greater
spontaneity and adaptation of the interaction between the research
and the study participants. For example, qualitative methods ask
mostly open-ended questions that are not necessarily worded
in exactly the same way with each participant. With open-ended
questions, participants are free to respond in their own words, and
these responses tend to be more complex than simply ‘yes’, ‘no’, or
‘unsure’. Participants have the opportunity to respond in greater detail
than is typically the case with quantitative methods.


I began Exalt because I have a personal passion for market research. Along with ensuring the study is designed correctly, I believe other influences also need careful consideration and thus my background in history helps me to identify longer-term trends over 20-30 years that could impact results.

Go to the case studies page of my website @ www.exaltrs.com for examples of past projects.