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Peter Slade

Pharma & Consumer Research


I am a highly experienced qualitative researcher, with a career spanning more than 30 years. Initially conducting research in consumer markets, for the last 15 years I have worked primarily in the pharma sector


While I work directly for some clients (both pharma and consumer), I am also available for freelance and contract work.

As would be expected, I am familiar with all of the established qualitative research formats and techniques:

  • Groups, pairs, IDIs, immersive and ethnographic approaches, co-creation, workshops
  • Face-to-face, telephone, online
  • HCPs, patients, families & caregivers, pharmacists, market access

When working on a project I immerse myself in it completely, seeking to ensure that the client obtains the fullest and most insightful findings possible.

My work in the pharma sector has included assisting major drug launches in which the research was instrumental in ensuring success of the new therapy. A project I recently conducted was considered so insightful by the client, that they have presented some of the key findings at a number of medical symposia.

Pharma Experience

Diabetes, Rare diseases, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Haematology, Biosimilars, Obs & Gynae, Cardiology, COPD, Oncology, Male Impotence, OTC

Consumer Experience

Advertising development and testing; FMCG; Child markets (toys, games, video games, leisure parks, drinks, snack foods, confectionery, baby food, nappies, clothing, education, etc); Soft drinks; Alcoholic drinks; Automotive; Retail; Household Cleaning; Fast Food; Toiletries & personal hygiene; Financial; Telecommunications; Government communications.


I believe that,wherever possible, qualitative research should be an iterative and collaborative process., with each interview building on those already conducted.  This can lead to exploration of issues that emerge as crucial, but may originally not have even been in the discussion guide. Linked with this, ongoing discussion with others working on the project (including the client) can be vital.

Sometimes a single comment made by one respondent can provide a key insight.

I am a certified member of the MRS, and a member of the BHBIA and the AQR.  My degree was in Psychology and I am a member of the British Psychological Society.


Contact details

58 York Road
Surrey SM26HJ

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