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Philip Forbes

Forbes Research

Qualitative Field Recruitment (Groups & Depths)


I provide b2b telephone field recruitment services, preferably for Focus Groups and Depth Interviews. My client base is predominantly small to medium sized market research agencies who are seeking to outsource projects to highly experienced and professional b2b recruiters.

I am adept at working on tough new projects (recruitment of 10 CEO's from FTSE 350 & Top Track 100 companies comes to mind), or at completing existing projects, which others have been unable to finish (recently recruited 15 additional MEP's for online interviews; 12 additional financial services users for discussion groups).

I make a point of being well briefed on a project and its objectives, allowing informed decisions about respondent referrals etc, and never compromise on the quality of recruits. This, invariably, leads to well-functioning depths or discussion groups, and extremely satisfied customers ('the respondents you produced were excellent').

I take pride in my job, and give each project a huge amount of time, effort (and sweat, if required!). I am regularly awarded repeat business.




My core skill is to engage with and recruit senior business/political decision-makers on the phone. Within b2b I have an extremely wide variety of experience (although I would highlight C-Suite and IT recruiting as my favourites, if pushed!).

In response to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), I now make full use of LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, which allows me to comprehensively target amongst 450+ million global LinkedIn members. This highly effective recruiting tool provides quick and efficient results, and I currently have 6,500+ 1st-degree connections.

I improve the quality of communication with respondents by filtering and using data intelligently. I update this meticulously, as I know that a well-managed database will, frequently, be the key to a successful project outcome, particularly in the later stages.

I am also highly experienced at generating fresh sample through Internet research, and have built a variety of project-specific databases for several MR clients


Having graduated in Economics, I moved in to the market research industry 20 or so years ago, and started to specialise within qualitative field recruitment work at an agency local to me.

I mastered the challenge of dealing well with respondents at an early stage of my career and, consequently, thoroughly enjoy the interactions which I have. I attach great importance to dealing with people in a courteous and professional manner.

Combined with an intelligent approach to recruitment, the results which I now regularly obtain speak for themselves!