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Richard Clark

MRQual Limited

Creator of hybrid online qual-quant research methodology known as "Deepr"


I provide both full and field-only online research services using the Deepr qual-quant methodology, in the UK and internationally.


I specialise in online research, particularly using the Deepr qual-quant methodology, which delivers both depth and scale, at pace.

As a client (from one of the top 10 global drinks companies) has said:

"With Deepr you get the richness of qualitative married with the robustness of numbers. So it helps you in decision making. A qual output with a large sample means there is more confidence behind those insights. All this with a very impressive turn-around time means that you can be very agile with your own project workstream."

Most of my work to date using Deepr has been in food, drink and consumer packaged goods.


I have over 20 years of market research experience, on both client and agency sides. I started my career at J Walter Thompson followed by GFK Marketing Services and ICI, and have a classical qualitative and quantitative background, with particular expertise in the development and application of online methods.

I am a full member of, and have provided various training courses for, the Market Research Society.