Roddy Glen

Roddy Glen Associates

Qualitative F2F Mentoring, Facilitation and Training


Living in Edinburgh and with a base in Paddington, London W2, Roddy Glen was, until he retired in 2014, one of the most experienced and respected qualitative researchers in the UK.  

He now offers inspirational mentoring (and occasional group training sessions) in qualitative research practice and methods, and the investigative deconstruction of brands and advertising.

He continues to believe that Big Idea hunting is the business…

             …and that things go best when rigour and creativity are appropriately combined, meaning:

  • Flexible, imaginative methods
  • Insightful new angles
  • Clear actionable solutions
  • Authoritative, engaging presentation
  • Concise, literate reports.


Roddy’s main areas of qualitative marketing research over three decades were:

  • Brand Auditing, Brand Identity and Brand Positioning and Development
  • Communications/Advertising Strategy Development, Advertising Creative Development
  • NPD



Main research areas were:

Food, Beverages, Alcoholic drinks, Automotive.


Roddy’s teaching, training and mentoring clients include:

Alpro, Qualitative Intelligence (South Africa), Lancaster University Management School, University of Glasgow Department of Management, Ogilvy, Leo Burnett.


Account handler at CDP (Heineken – ‘Refreshes the parts…’) under Frank Lowe, 1973-76

Trained in qualitative research by Bill Schlackman, 1977-79

Senior Researcher and Planning Department qualitative trainer at BMP under David Cowan, 1979-82

Speaker/Tutor on numerous courses for AQR, MRS and IPA,  1982-2008

Founder and co-owner of Strategic Research Group (sold to Pearson), 1985-93

Board Director, Saferworld, 1990-94

Chair, AQR, 1987-89

Member, The Labour Party Shadow Communications Agency, (Walworth Road) 1985-1992

Pre-election campaign researcher reporting directly to the office of the Leader of the Opposition, 1997

FMRS  –  (Fellow of The Market Research Society), 2004

Industry judge for the IPA UK Advertising Effectiveness Awards, 2006

Managing Editor, ‘In Brief’  –  AQR bimonthly members’ magazine,  2007 –  present

FIPA – Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, 2008

Co-chair, 5thAQR/QRCA Biennial Worldwide Qualitative Research Conference, Prague, 2010