Sally Deakin

Deakin Research Ltd


Freelance qualitative research services


I offer a wide range of qualitative research services across consumer, B2B and social research, from freelance back up services such as moderation, analysis and desk research for research agencies to full service projects for client companies.


Over time I’ve worked on a broad range of consumer and business to business sectors. Specialities are social research, public dialogue and deliberative events, retail, and finance but I also have extensive experience in the grey market, employee issues and automotiver.


A degree in Psychology was followed by extensive experience in research agencies, up to director level. I have been an independent since 1985. Also a member of AQR.


  • Business to business
  • Financial
  • Government, social research, education
  • Grey market
  • Retail

Skills & Services

  • Ethnography
  • Qualitative
  • Workshop facilitation