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Sally Fairall

Field Manager, Sally Fairall and Associates Ltd


A Full service agency, covering all your Fieldwork needs.
Qual/Quant, recruitment, street interviewing, door knocking, hall tests, in store, Exits and intercepts, from sample, customers databases and free find. Continuous panels, bulletin boards and user testing.
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After 40 years fieldwork experience for some of the most respected agencies, SFALtd was set up to deliver the highest quality Fieldwork Service package independently of any research organisations.

As a Full service agency, we offer advice right from the start of a project on questionnaire design, planning and achievable project quotas. With collaboration from trusted recruitment and interview teams Nationally and Internationally, we offer practical solutions when necessary and a friendly, high quality service to the research and wider industries.



Contact details

24 Woodlea Grange
Wiltshire SP5 3PA