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Sally Fairall and Associates Ltd

Independent Field Manager


Fieldwork Services

I am a freelance Field Manager – carrying out Qualitative recruitment and Quantitative fieldwork on a National basis. I work with recruiters and interviewers all over the country, including Eire – and we recruit towards any of the following:

– car clinics, of 150+ respondents

– workshops, of 20+ respondents

– standard groups of 8 respondents

– mini groups – 6 for 4

– quads, triads, paired depths and IDI’s and AST’s

– and any other number you care to think of

Our methods include:

– face to face, street, store and in venue recruitment, from sample and customer databases, pre-recruited respondnets, hall tests

And our areas of expertise are:

– automotive

– consumer


– financial and business

– quick turn around / pitch advertising.


Automotive, FMCG and Consumer – Qualitative and Quantitative Fieldwork Services.


After 30 years fieldwork experience for some of the most respected agencies, Sally Fairall & Associates was set up to deliver the highest quality Fieldwork Services package independently of any research organisations.

As a full service Fieldwork company, we offer advice right from the start of a project on questionnaire design, planning and achievable recruitment quotas – and with collaboration from trusted recruitment teams Nationally, we offer practical solutions when necessary.

We offer a client friendly, high quality recruitment service to the research and wider industries.

Sally is best qualified to do this as she has spent 30 years within the field management industry – initially as an interviewer and progressing through to Field Manager. This gives her an unrivalled understanding of how the qualitative recruitment business really works.

She has been the Field Development representative for both the AQR, and also MRS Training Liaison Committee. Her responsibility on these committees was to ensure that new thinking and standards in the field sector were quickly adopted by the industry as a whole.

She runs regular training courses in field management for the AQR and recruits for both in house moderators as well as independent research companies.

Sally brings this wealth of experience to the industry, in order to deliver a client friendly, high quality recruitment service to the wider marketing and research industries.


  • Automotive
  • Consumer durables
  • FMCG

Skills & Services

  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative
  • Recruitment and Fieldwork