Sarah Brierley

Little Wing Ltd


From business development to qualitative research insight, I take on short-term contracts and consultancy work.

Research design | Proposal writing & pitching | Project management | Workshop design & facilitation | Desk research | Moderation & interviewing (on and offline) | Analysis and report writing | Presenting | Lead generation | Business strategy


Focusing on audience, culture, brand or product…

Audience needs | Trends/cultural insight | Brand strategy | Concept/product development | Thought leadership | Innovation

Top sectors and audiences…

Media | Tech/Telecoms | Youth | Entertainment | Fashion | Alcohol | Financial services

A particular affinity for more innovative and collaborative methods (alongside the usual suspects)…

Workshop design & facilitation | Online communities | Image logging (e.g. Instagram, Pinterest) | In-the-moment (e.g. wearable cameras, digital diaries) | Ethnos | Co-creation | Desk research | Round-table discussions | Depth interviews | Focus groups


Working for over 10 years in strategic insight, a further 4 in media and publishing (plus a couple of years of worldwide travel), I’ve chalked up experience across most sectors and audiences, but my greatest interest lies with mediatech and youth.

I believe in combining cultural and behavioural insight to help clients answer questions – and that you can’t beat a good story to deliver the answers. 

My past agency experience includes helping grow a startup, heading up qual teams and working as a business & strategy director. All this means I’m used to finding creative solutions to problems and delivering under (intense!) pressure. I’m also a little bit obsessed with the art of good communication.

I work with energyintegrity and – possibly most important for me – humour!