Stephen Connell

Stephen Connell Research & Consulting

Expert project designer, manager, analyst and reporter


Projects can last a few days or several months. They include advice on survey design and interpretation; assistance with data collection; market analysis; and sales forecasting. In some cases I work alone, in others with specialist collaborators; and I also use a variety of fieldwork subcontractors in the UK and overseas. Depth interviewing, focus group moderation, telephone surveys and web panels are part of the repertoire. My collaborators include statistical experts and database designers.


The focus is on telecoms and IT but I have extensive experience of public sector research and of the financial services industry. Research projects include customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement; and new product development – particularly the analysis of potential needs, and investigation of the relevance of the functionality offered by innovative products and services. I am equally happy with B2B and consumer research. Much of my work is in the UK but I have worked in every region of the world and have extensive experience of international projects.


I have more than 25 years experience in market research and consultancy. From 1997 to 2003 I was the Managing Director of MORPACE International Ltd; and have also been the MD or a Director of several other agencies. My career includes spells as a buyer of market research services (at Rank Xerox) and as a Research Fellow at University College London. I have published more than 50 conference papers or journal articles. All of this experience means that I bring a mixture of technical and business skills to any project, combined with high standards of client service.