Sue Gledhill

Qualitative Research Consultant and Moderator


An experienced qualitative researcher offering research and consultancy in any aspect of project work from proposal writing through to project management, moderation, analysis and reporting.

I am skilled in UK and multi country project management, analysis and reporting and experienced in face-to-face moderation and fieldwork (groups, depths, accompanied shops, in-home, in studio) and on-line moderation plus ethnographical and deliberative research. I have worked across a broad range of sectors, especially consumer products, consumer services, retail and shopper, travel, social research and charities.




I have specialised in qualitative research for over 20 years and am experienced in all traditional methods and enjoy new creative techniques to dig deeper.

I am passionate about gaining insight into people’s behaviour and perceptions of the world around them and exploring how services and brands canĀ evolve and build relationships with users. I enjoy collaborating with clients and agencies to develop strategies which embrace the opportunities and challenges in the market place.



I fine tuned my skills at some of the industry’s big global players and smaller boutique agencies. Most recently I was Qualitative Director in GfK’s Market Opportunity and Innovation sector.

I had a short stintĀ training and working as a teacher, achieving full QTS. I have also participated for many years in voluntary youth work and mentoring young adults.