Vivienne Law

Zebra26 Ltd

Specialist in commercial insight projects and qual research


We can offer 2 levels of service depending on your needs and budget:

1) A full qualitative market research service 

 We can design your research needs in line with  your business challenge and access a range of customers. We design the research materials, carry out the research and then analyse the results so that we can report back to you via a presentation workshop which ensures that the results are discussed and implemented with actions and responsibilities to move the business/ service forwards

2) A moderation service with briefing and debriefing of results

People are our inspiration and help us derive insight from understanding. We elicit views by listening to needs and journeys so our clients can ensure their ideas fit with their customers. No project is too small or large. We can undertake moderation services and trained in NLP.

  • Traditional market research: Individual one on one interviews, focus groups, Workshops, Concensus groups with opinion leaders
  • Digital approaches : web assisted interview
  • Collective views:  Online communities, bulletins and Delphi approaches (we have our own platform for online discussions)
  • Observation: Watching customers/ consumers interact where they are the most relaxed
  • Home streaming: interviewing in home and streaming to the client computer

Whether you want to understand a marketplace, perceptions of a company or a disease area we can talk and listen to any number of people.

3) Secondary analysis of markets/ services

We can undertake secondary analysis from the internet and other sources and provide cohesive reports so that you can understand the market you are entering as well as know where the gaps are for future work.

4) Internal resource support

Need internal assistance then we can provide interim support with market research projects


Areas of Focus:

– Pharmacueticals, Health and Well being

– Devices

– Increasing business to business, finance and property projects

Development of bespoke market research programmes to underpin business decisions including

  • Commercial market assessments of your core issue
  • Unmet need generation or review
  • Brand identity and product/ service positioning
  • Internal employee satisfaction and external customer satisfaction
  • Idea generation
  • Product / service review
  • Future business planning and assessment



I have developed a series of consumer/patient ‘Talking Points’ which allow you to access consumers /patients in different ways depending on the need for prompt feedback on for example launch of a new (utilising the patient chronicle approach) or a comprehensive understanding of impact of a disease or a new  face cream (mobile ethnography) Please contact me to find out more



A commercially, self motivated business woman with an excellent logical, analytical and project management background. Substantial experience in client service environment across multi-country markets, involvement across a range of therapy areas and products as well as a proven track record in integrating market data from multiple sources to support business decision making (client and agency side).

Also skilled in NLP, moderation with excellent presentation skills. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Previously employed by a FSTE 100 company in their corporate head office project managing decision making activities in order to support the commercialisation of global brands.