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How to make the most of the egroup

Wednesday 15th February 2017 - ( Comments)

With nearly 400 members on our egroup, it's important that we all follow a set of guidelines to ensure the continued smooth-running of it

Nanda Marchant

Customer Insight - Three key tips on choosing the right market research approach

Monday 16th January 2017 - ( Comments)

Nanda Marchant of added insight's blog aimed at research novices to help them think about and select the best research approach to meet their objectives...

E-group summary

What have we been talking about? December 2016

Wednesday 4th January 2017 - ( Comments)

Our monthly roundup of the news and chatter from the egroup. This month collated by Karen Cooper of Living Brands who takes us on a review of her new year ICG resolutions...


Mind Your Hinglish - the Language of Online Indians

Wednesday 4th January 2017 - ( Comments)

Anumita Sharma is an expert in conducting international brand and market development research. An expert in ethnic (and specifically Indian) research, she has recently published a blog which looks at the importance of cultural understanding when carrying out online global research projects - read more to find out how to overlay the cultural dimension on digital/ social media research.


Five Reasons why Skype will become an essential tool in Qualititative Research

Tuesday 13th December 2016 - ( Comments)

John Habershon of Momentum Research recently conducted a 'mini trial' of using Skype to conduct qualitative interviews. Is the technology able to compete with the reality of a face to face experience? Is the research insight as broad and deep as a more traditional approach.

Here John discusses the experiment, and its outcome...

Arthur Fletcher

Inaugural Christmas Gathering in Copenhagen!

Wednesday 7th December 2016 - ( Comments)

Some weeks ago, Jesper Lindhardt invited ICG members to join him in Copenhagen for a Christmas gathering - Jesper is the only member we have in Denmark so maybe this was a bit of a long shot.....

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