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Since being part of the ICG I feel I have a brilliant ‘team’ of senior, trustworthy contacts with expertise in many more disciplines than I ever had at my fingertips when I was employed by one of the largest UK MR agencies.”

There are two main reasons– business and personal. We provide promotion for you and your business, giving you new business opportunities and a plethora of learning and networking events and publications.

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How to connect with 400+ research consultants.

The independent and smaller research company sector is growing steadily. ICG members have frequent needs from a wide range of research suppliers, from fieldwork to data processing and business support.

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“I think this is the best source of advice available, and I value it very highly indeed.”

It is hard to find researchers with the level of expertise in the market sectors you need. But if you want professional researchers who give quality advice, use creative thinking, bring a fresh perspective, and have your best interests in mind - look no further!

The ICG connects clients to research consultants on a flexible, outsourced basis. Our 400+ members are market researchers and those in related fields, working solo or with up to two others in the UK and internationally.

Buyers can plan projects flexibly and strategically without using an agency. Independent consultants are cost-effective; they can be brought in as and when they're needed.

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